Digital Transformation – Opportunity, Option or Imperative Necessity? The Role of Digital Innovation Hubs

February 27, 2020, Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Event organized by Cluj IT and hosted by Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.The event has as guest speaker the president of the National Authority for Romania’s Digitalization, Mr. Sabin Sarmas, who introduced the focus of the Authority in the years to come. Various speakers covered a wider range of issues related to digital transformation. Mr. Alexandru Tulai had an interesting talk about smart territories and smart communities. Mrs. Monica Muresan highlighted the importance of digital transformation for non-IT companies. Mr. Cristian Otgon introduced financing opportunities at national level and regional level for digitalization, and Mr. Kelemen Andrei put an emphasis of such opportunities at European level. Mr. Stelian Brad made a presentation of DIH4S and its services to market. We had the chance to find out key concepts about co-creation and cooperation among various stakeholders to enable digital transformation projects. These aspects were presented by Mr. Eugen Otava. In the second part of the event we attended presentations from real projects. Examples are about tele-medicine, industry 4.0, tele-monitoring of public utilities, cloud architectures for SMEs, application of digitalization in the recruiting process, servitization, digitalization in medical assistance, etc.