About Us

DIH4S is acting as a “node” between digital solution providers and digital solution beneficiaries

Beneficiaries of digital solutions are looking for the best offer to their unique needs

DIH4S faciliates optimal matching between offer and demand by means of:
  • technology scouting
  • raising funds to invest in digitalization
  • concept validation by means of digital prototypes
  • digital quotient auditing and action plans
  • market vigilance on latest developments in the digitial zone
  • strategy development for digital transformation
  • training and mentoring on digital skills
  • design for “X” with digital solutions

Digital solution providers are looking for markets

DIH4S facilitates the construction of the regional and national market for digital solutions by various actions such as:
  • brokerage B2B events providers-beneficiaries
  • spaces for training and co-working on IT innovative projects
  • incubation of IT start-ups
  • market education and awarness
  • facilitation of experts for digital-driven projects
  • building of digital transformation ecosystem
  • intermediation services for digital solution providers
  • company visits to better undersand market needs

Digitalization in the view of DIH4S

Digitalization of social and economic activities in a smart and ethical manner brings many advantages, such as higher efficiency and effectiveness in doing various activities, increase of predictability potential, better understanding of complex and complicated processes, as well as better connectivity between actors in various ecosystems, more transparency and new streams of innovation and discoveries.


In other words, digitalization and digital transformation is a key element for the Romanian organizations, especially for SMEs and large private Romanian economic agents, to remain competitive internationally. Digitalization brings new opportunities to public and private organizations to make activities in an eco-friendlier manner, too.


For DIH4S, digitalization is more than simple digitization. Digitization, in our view is about introduction of digital technologies and digitalized equipment to perform various tasks (e.g. robots, CNC machines, ERP and CRM platforms, CPS, etc.). Today, digitization must be in close relation with cloud computing, too.


Digitalization is the integration of smart processes driven by advanced digital technologies (that include smart production, too) with the whole business system of the organization; with an implementation of digitization that is strategically driven and which covers all processes of the organization. This digital transformation synchronously moves with a cultural transformation of the organization such as to adopt digital technologies in a natural way within the every-day business activity.


Thus, in its actions, DIH4S sees digitalization as:

  • the use of digital and advanced digital technologies to change the business model of organization by creating new lines of economic activities with higher value and with new business opportunities
  • a mean to interconnect business systems with processes, employees, partners, suppliers and customers
  • a mean to lead to the development of an organization that is deep connected in the value chain with its partners and beneficiaries
Digital transformation is about reinvention of organization by:
  • complete redefinition of the business strategy by adopting digitalization
  • using digitalization as a strategic competence, not only as a support function
  • redefinition of organizational culture in a way of being more agile, transparent, and resilient
  • defining a new business model where digitalization is embedded in the core blocks of value proposition in order to create a strong competitive advantage
Digital Transformation as a Mean to Create Competitive Advantage in the View of DIH4S