Call for Partnership

Competence Hub for Smart, Safe and Sustainable Society

{courtesy of arch. Alexandra Alina Pop}

To  build a smarter, safer and more sustainable society (S4) it is important to understand how such a society looks like, and aftewards to act in an effective and effcient way to bring it to life. Our strong belief is that such a society cannot be achieved without a deep integration of advanced digital technologies in the operation of such evolved society.

In an ideal smart, safe and sustainable society every action undertaken by people generates only positive loops.

We are open for partnerships with public and private organizations to bring to life this project idea in the N-W Region of Romania.

The concept of an infrastructure to host a Compentence Hub for Smart, Safe and Sustainable Society is illustrated in the herewith video clip.

Sustainable Society

Economical goals
  • Create jobs that enhance the nature of work
  • Ensure equitable valuation of everyone’s work
  • Ensure economic stabilization and system equilibrium
  • Use of technologies that emulate rather than destroy nature
  • Create economic self-sufficiency at community level
  • Ensure responsible consumption and alignment with the natural capital
  • Create environmentally sensitive and economically profitable agriculture
  • Facilitate shared economy and servitization
Political goals
  • Facilitate community participation in defining and solving problems
  • Create the frame for community to defend itself against any kind of external threats
  • Maximize community’s ability to protect itself against negative actions created by other communities
  • Ensure equity and justice, emphasizing needs over wants
  • Ensure lifecycle monitoring of infrastructure
Social and cultural goals
  • Maintain of cultural diversity
  • Empower individuals and social groups in local governance
  • Revitalize communities within urban and rural settings
  • Ensure access to quality food, water, housing, and energy at a reasonable cost
  • Meet local needs locally wherever possible
  • Maximize everyone’s access to skills and knowledge
  • Create and enhance spaces and buildings which are aesthetics and run well
  • Protect human health and emphasize health service prevention
  • Make opportunities for culture, and recreation readily available to all
Ecological goals
  • Minimize waste and manage eco-recycling and deposition
  • Use renewable and recyclable supplies of resources
  • Create zero toxins as a more suitable goal for production process
  • Balance ecological debt
  • Maintain biodiversity
  • Facilitate circular economy

Smart Society

Ethical goals
  • Achieve responsible freedom of expression and behavior
  • Empower beneficiaries to design and control systems that must serve them
  • Create a cohesive society
  • Make such as every person has access to data and information that might affect their life
  • Act more responsible to ensure balanced share of endowments
  • Increase happiness for all
  • Reduce asymmetry in wealth distribution
  • Build more ethical and equitable social systems
  • Ensure affordable and accessible lifelong and diversified learning systems
  • Create better and rewarding jobs for all
Evolutionary goals
  • Ensure resilience of communities
  • Create an intelligent administration
  • Take decisions based on data and facts
  • Ensure a transparent security for all
  • Analyze complex situations based on collective intelligence
  • Act preventively using all means for forecasting evolutions
  • Dematerialize everything that is possible
  • Increase collaboration between people
  • Create more sustainable innovations
  • Develop more efficient systems and reduce waste of energy
  • Ensure conditions to help people evolve intellectually and spiritually

Safe Society

Safety goals
  • Ensure safe traffic and transportation
  • Protect all children against abuse and bullying
  • Protect women against abuse and violence
  • Ensure rapid reaction in case of natural catastrophes
  • Protect people against abuse at work
  • Ensure safe and robust infrastructure and housing to face to artificial and natural incidents
  • Protect people to ensure safe food, water, and any other goods
Security goals
  • Protect community against terrorism
  • Protect community against robbery and criminal attacks
  • Protect people against drugs
  • Protect people against human trafficking
  • Ensure security of organizations and people in the virtual environment against cyber attacks
  • Ensure secure access in public and private places

In case we have missed some of the major goals related to a smart, safe and sustainable society we will be grateful to you for letting us know about this. We will be happy to add them to our list.