Position on EU Data Act

The new European Union legislative proposal for a Data Act focuses on business-to-government data sharing, business-to-business data sharing, and the IPR framework with a view to further enhance data access and use. As this topic is highly relevant for SMEs active in the data economy, Cluj IT Cluster has joined the European Digital SME Alliance in developing a position paper on the Data Act in response to the European Commission consultation.

Audit of a Large Company on Digital Innovation Quotient

Period: 2019

Service Type:  Perform a comprehensive audit on digital innovation opportunities. Setting up the action plan. Detail audit on priority areas for digitalization. Feasibility study. Facilitation to solution providers.


Goal: Evaluate digital innovation readiness, Support digital solution adoption, Implement organizational change management

Design and Implementation of an IT Solution to Ensure Connectivity of MEF with ERP in a Wood Processing SME

Period: 2019

Service Type: Design the architecture. Proposal of various technologies. Facilitation to potential solution providers. Assistance to contract negotiation. Assistance to reach KPIs.

Client: ECOLOR

Goal: Operational efficiency, Real-time monitoring, Reduce incident response time, Increase productivity

Support an SME to Monitor in Cloud its Manufacturing Equipment

Period: 2018

Service Type: Financial analysis. Identification of potential solution providers for cloud monitoring of production devices and equipment. Facilitate and assist communication with solution providers. Facilitate contract negotiation for solution implementation.


Goal: Operational Efficiency. Remote and Real time monitoring, Reduce incident response time, Increase productivity, Automation

Assistance, Design, and Implementation of the Innovation Management System in Cloud for an SME from the Industrial Production Sector

Period: 2018

Service Type: Identify possible cloud solutions. Selection of the proper variant. Configuration of the platform. Training to use the cloud platform. Assistance to design the management system in the cloud. Assistance in adoption.


Goal: Improve management, Digitize processes, Increase efficiency