Events 2020

Sibiu Innovation Days

November 26-27, 2020: online

Sibiu Innovation Days has emerged from the desire to bring closer academia, businesses and decision makers. The event closely follows the successful model of Cluj Innovation Days , which has proven over the years to be a platform among all the main stakeholders in the Cluj wider region interested in bringing innovation in many aspects of their activities.

The first edition of Sibiu Innovation Days is co-organized by University Lucian Blaga in Sibiu, (through Hasso-Plattner Knowledge Transfer Institute) and by Cluj IT Cluster and will be held during November 26th and 27th, in conjunction with the “The Researchers Night 2020”.

During the two days of the conference we will be exploring, with the guidance and expertise of our invited speakers, the process of digital transformation and how this can help our community of students, researchers, business and decision makers to add value to everything we are doing. The event is looking to strengthen the collaboration among all these stakeholders while also improving the way in which we understand and use the innovative services available in Transylvania and the Sibiu region. The conference will also highlight current research and development concerns of companies in the area, will bring increased visibility for Hasso-Plattner Knowledge Transfer Institute at the “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, and will create new opportunities for collaboration among those participating.


European Big Data Value Forum – Towards a Strong European Data and AI Ecosystem

November 3-5, 2020: online

Panel about “Market uptake: Bringing AI and Data Science to Practice”, with the participation of Stelian Brad on behalf of the European Digital SMEs Alliance (Wednesday 10.00-11.30 CET). Other recommended panels: i3-MARKET‘s Sponsor Talk about “Deployment of Secure and Trusted Data Marketplace Platforms in Europe, identifying the opportunities that AI and Big-Data offer to Innovate the Digital Single Market Strategy” (Wednesday 13.30-14.00 CET); ‘s session on “Federating efforts to foster European Data-Driven Innovation” (Wednesday 14.00-15.30 CET).

More info and registration here.


From national to European DIHs

October 26, 2020: online – This event is dedicated to Digital Innovation Hubs and how they can bring value added in the SMEs’ business ecosystems by means of digital innovations. In the session “From national to European DIHs”, Stelian Brad, Head of DIH4Society, will introduce his vision on how DIHs should move from a regional dimension to an international dimension.


Cybersecurity for SMEs and MEs

September 17, 2020: And we’ve started the second cyberGEIGER use case workshop focused on issue of “CyberSecurity: Current Practices and Priorities for SMEs”. Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW, Cluj IT Cluster, CERT-RO, Braintronix, Bitdefender. In the second part of the workshop we are going to identify key aspects to design efective solutions for SMEs such as to meet their major concerns and expectations. In reaching such goals we work in close connection with representatives from SMEs. Advanced techniques for contextual inquiry, job to be done, mock-up design, value proposition foundation, user journey mapping, persona description, etc. are included within the applicative sessions.

Digital Europe

July 23, 2020: online – This event is dedicated to SMEs, large enterprises and public administration and intends to educate decision makers on the necessity to adopt digital technologies in their activities and to start the journey towards an effective digital transformation.


Vulnerabilities on Cybersecurity

June 18, 2020 Online: The seminar is dedicated to SMEs and intends to underline key aspects about vulnerabilities of companies to cyber attacks and beyond this, to information security.
The seminar will be delivered by Dr. Ciprian Oprisa, technical leader malware, researcher at Bitdefender. The talk after the presentation will be moderated by Prof. Stelian Brad.
With this occasion, results of a survey addressed to SMEs on cybersecurity practices will be also disseminated.

Design Studio :: IoT Tribe SPACE ENDEAVOR

April 21, 2020 Online: Hack your business case with the support of our team of experts. Successful SMEs, start-ups and founders will join the intensive 2-month acceleration programme starting on the 1st of June, from Madrid. Put your start-up in warp drive! Register for free today!

Digital Skills beyond COVID-19

April, 17, 2020 Online: Mr. Stelian Brad, President of Cluj IT, is joining European DIGITAL SME Alliance’s first online webinar this Friday. The subject of Digital Skills in the context of the current crisis will be discussed with Mr. Andrea Glorioso, Policy Officer at the European Commission for Future of Work and Digital SME’s Alliance Secretary-General, Mr. Sebastiano Toffaletti. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the Facebook & Twitter livestreams! Recorded interview here.

Digital Transformation - Opportunity, Option or Imperative Necessity? The Role of Digital Innovation Hubs

February 27, 2020, Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Event organized by Cluj IT and hosted by Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.The event has as guest speaker the president of the National Authority for Romania’s Digitalization, Mr. Sabin Sarmas, who introduced the focus of the Authority in the years to come. Various speakers covered a wider range of issues related to digital transformation. Mr. Alexandru Tulai had an interesting talk about smart territories and smart communities. Mrs. Monica Muresan highlighted the importance of digital transformation for non-IT companies. Mr. Cristian Otgon introduced financing opportunities at national level and regional level for digitalization, and Mr. Kelemen Andrei put an emphasis of such opportunities at European level. Mr. Stelian Brad made a presentation of DIH4S and its services to market. We had the chance to find out key concepts about co-creation and cooperation among various stakeholders to enable digital transformation projects. These aspects were presented by Mr. Eugen Otava. In the second part of the event we attended presentations from real projects. Examples are about tele-medicine, industry 4.0, tele-monitoring of public utilities, cloud architectures for SMEs, application of digitalization in the recruiting process, servitization, digitalization in medical assistance, etc.

Advanced Digital Technologies and Their Implications on Economy and Society

February 7, 2020, Bistrita, Romania: Event organized in collaboration with Interact Bistrita Nosa. Speaker Stelian Brad .Location: Complexul Muzeal Bistrita-Nasaud. 18:00 p.m.

SMEs as Enablers of Digital Transformation: How do does digital skills gap affect digital SMEs?

February 5, 2020, Brussels, Belgium: Meeting organized by the European Digital SME Alliance. We were present in the meeting with an intervention of prof. Stelian Brad about challenges of SMEs towards adopting digitalization. Discussions involved members of the European Parliament, policy officers of the European Commission, SMEs, IT training providers, etc. It was concluded that an European Strategy on Digital Skills is of high importance for the future of Europe. A special focus will be on upskilling and reskilling of employees on IoT, cybersecurity and big data.