Funding Opportunities

Vouchers for Digital Innovations in the Maritime Industry

📌An opportunity not to be missed! 

GALATEA Project open call is open until 8th of December.

Innovative SMEs can be funded up to 20K for Development and Technological Transfer projects or up to 60k for Prototyping and Large Scale Demonstrator applications. 

📍More information about the open call:

Up to €70K to develop Artificial Intelligence solutions in the AI4EU Call for Solutions

Do you want to receive funding of up to €70,000 to solve Artificial Intelligence challenges?

The AI4EU Call for Solutions is looking for 41 ‘Solutions Providers’ that will work on at least two solutions for each of the challenges selected in the previous Call for Challenges published on the AI4EU Platform.

What are the benefits?

  • Receive up to 70,000€ to solve an AI Challenge.
  • Work together with a ‘Challenge Owner’ in a 6-month Support Program to develop at least 2 solutions per challenge by exploiting AI resources included on the AI4EU Platform or developing new components.
  • Get training on the AI4EU Platform (resources, acumos, publication) and online mentoring every two weeks.
  • Be showcased as new resources on the AI4EU Platform.
  • Visibility through the AI4EU channels, events and ambassadors.

Who is AI4EU looking for?

Technology Providers, such as: startups, SMEs, mid-caps, large companies and research organisations that would like to develop, test and validate the technical solutions that address the specific challenges.

Important notice for applicants here.

I4MS open calls for digital manufacturing 

Open calls are light, quick and user-friendly application schemes for Application Experiments to allow experimentation and testing with new ICT technologies. Each of them has a prompt start date to offer financial and knowledge-based support to manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps, allowing them to conduct small pilot projects to test Industry 4.0 technologies and assess the impact of scaling them up within their companies and offer inspiration to other companies. Each Innovation Action defines the launching and closing dates for applicants to submit their proposals. These applications are no more than 10 pages in length and are designed in a user-friendly way to make the funding application process as swift as possible.

I4MS Open Calls are an attractive mechanism for SMEs and mid-caps because:

  • Only a short and specific proposal is needed.
  • Short project durations of approx. 6 months with immediate results.
  • Offer between 50% and 100% of equity-free funding to SMEs, mid-caps, and DIHs.
  • The funding is organized and provided through the intermediary role of the Innovation Action, which makes the evaluation process much quicker and effective.

Here for more details!

SmartEEs2, a European acceleration program, is organizing an open Call for Application Experiments with the objective of providing support to Innovative Companies to digitalise their businesses and access new markets by integrating Flexible and Wearable Electronics technologies (FWE) into advanced products / series of products and services.

Interested companies can apply to one of the following two topics:

  1. Experimenting and testing end-product ideas with FWE technologies
  2. Support to manufacturing of FWE based end-products including upscaling

Important notice for applicants here.

Innovation projects on: robotics, internship experiments, boost production capacity, product and service digitalization, cybersecurity, blockchain, additive manufacturing, new value chains, agile production, automation of logistics and many others.See here for more details!