DIH4Society acts as a one-stop shop to guide, train, assist, prepare, intermediate and connect beneficiaries during their digital transformation journey with stakeholders, services and solutions providers. Our technological focus evolved through our early market contact (operating since 2015) , resting on an operational approach based on our last 7 years of collaborative projects and consultancy delivered on a market pool model.

DIH4Society keeps a close connection with the experts in its ecosystem and with its members by means of permanent Working Groups. In this respect, we are currently operating with the following working groups: WG Brained City, WG Cybersecurity and Blockchain, WG Data Intelligence, WG Internationalization, WG Digital Health, WG Learning and Development. Also, within UTCN, the coordinator of DIH4Society is leading the expert groups on intelligent robotics organized. The working group on Digitalization is converted now into a branch of the DIH4Society full members group, at the chapter solution providers