A team developed around professional excellence

The  DIH coordination is realized by Prof. Dr. Stelian Brad (PhD in engineering/robotics and in economics; 22+ years of complex expertise in the software industry, prof. with tenure at Technical University Cluj-Napoca). Executive management is carried out by Andrei Kelemen (Head of Operations and Internationalization, also CEO at Cluj IT Cluster)

Governance Board

Prof. Dr. Stelian Brad

DIH4Society Coordinator

Andrei Kelemen

Chief Operating Officer and Head of Internationalization

prof. dr. ing. Vasile Topa

Rector, Technical University in Cluj-Napoca

prof. dr. Anca Otilia Dodescu

Vicerector, University of Oradea

Monica Muresan

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bistrita-Nasaud

Strategic Advisory Board

 Our strategic outlook is shaped by an advisory board composed of recognized international innovation experts, chaired by Florin Paun, member of the EIC Jury innovation expert with more than 20 years in technology transfer in the aerospace industry. Members of the SAB include:

Tanya Suarez

Founder of IoT Tribe, Tanya is bringing startups and corporates together to do business in the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technologies. Currently a Member of Board responsible for Comms & Development at the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation and a World Economic Forum Digital Leader, starting with 2022 she is also joining the DIH4Society Strategic Advisory Board.

Margareta Mucibabici (Chesaru)

With a passion for untangling the complex web of technological, social, and ethical implications of the Future of Work, as well as achieving social impact, Margareta Mucibabici is dedicated to putting her energy and know-how into understanding how new technologies will impact our lives and to find solutions for addressing today's educational challenges. Public Affairs Manager UiPath, starting with 2022, Margareta is also joining the team of incredible visionaries and innovators within DIH4Society's Strategic Advisory Board.

prof. dr. Dominique Foray

Between 2007 and 2010, Dominique Foray chaired the European Commission’s Knowledge for Growth expert group, and since then has widely contributed to the development of the EU Smart Specialization policy concept, of which he is the author. Head Chair of Economics and Management of Innovation within the EPF Lausanne, prof. Dominique Foray is recognized as one of the leading academic experts in the economics of innovation and knowledge and economic policy implications of the new knowledge-based economy. Starting with 2022, prof. Foray is joining the Strategic Advisory Board of DIH4Society.

prof. dr. Florin Paun

Innovation director, entrepreneurship coach and theoretician of the evolution of the innovation models and tools for practice. His scientific work gained worldwide recognition and put in light the emergence of a new innovation French model but also completed the theories of two Nobel Prize Winners (Stiglitz, J., Sen. A) after having applied and adapted them to the highly collaborative processes like innovation. Starting with 2022, Dr. Paun is joining the clore ranks of experts and visionaries contributing to DIH4Society's roadmap, as a member of the initiative's Strategic Advisory Board.

Operational Team

Core team

Dana Gherman

Awareness and Sustainability Lead

Andreea Apostu

Coordinator Marketing and Events, Client Engagement Expert and EEN Liaison

Paula Comanescu

Coordinator Market Brokerage and Internationalization, Innovation Ecosystem & Network Lead


Administration & Operations, Client Engagement Expert

Radu Rujan

Coordinator Financing Projects

Test before invest expertise

Acces to testing facilities and specialized support services are being provided by an extensive team of experts: 

Dragos Bartos

Smart Robotics Expert

Anca Goron

Software Robot Automation and Governance Expert

Levente Tamas

Coordinator Industry 4.0 & Expert Test before Invest

Valentin Sita

Coordinator IoT Solutions & Expert Test before Invest

Ionut Chis

Coordinator Factory Automation & Expert Test before Invest

Mircea Murar

Coordinator I-IoT Solutions & Expert Test before Invest

Radu Comes

Coordinator AR / VR Solutions & Expert Test before Invest

Calin Neamtu

Coordinator Digital Production & Coordinator Test before Invest

Bogdan Ciotlaus

Coordinator IT Infrastructure & Expert Test before Invest

Digital Transformation expertise: Manufacturing, Public administration, Healthcare

Digital Transformation services are customized based on existing needs and specific context. Our pool of experts include:

Paulina Mitrea

Digital Health Expert

Marin Iuga

Digital Transformation in Business Expert

Daniel Homorodean

Digital Transformation in Public Administration Expert

Ciprian Sorlea

Digital Transformation for SMEs Expert

Eugen Otava

Open Innovation Expert

Alexandru Tulai

Change Management Expert

Daniel Ciobanu

Cybersecurity Expert

Mihaela Aluas

Sustainability Expert

Ciprian Oprisa

Cybersecurity Expert

Emil Stetco

Software Robotics Expert

Vasile Soporan

Circular Economy Expert


Digital Transformation Expert (Bihor)

Ciprian Moga

Digital and organizational transformation expert

Dacian Dragos

Sustainable Public Procurement Expert

Digital Skills and Training expertise

Paulina Mitrea

Digital Health Facilitator

Marin Iuga

Digital Transformation in Business Facilitator

Daniel Homorodean

Digital Transformation in Public Administration Facilitator

Ciprian Sorlea

Digital Transformation for SMEs Facilitator

Eugen Otava

Open Innovation Facilitator

Alexandru Tulai

Change Management Facilitator

Daniel Ciobanu

Cybersecurity Facilitator

Mihaela Aluas

Sustainability Facilitator

Mihai Dragomir

Facilitator of Digital Skills Trainers Network Coordinator Digital Entrepreneurship Expert Support to Find Investments

Andrada Ilisan

Facilitator of Digital Skills Networks

Daniel Cristi Balan

Facilitator of Access to Labs and Digital Skills Networks

Investment in digital innovations expertise

Access to funding opportunities, both public and private, is facilitated by a dedicated team of specialists.

Radu Rujan

Expert Investments in Digital Innovations

Cristian Otgon

Honorary Advisor on National Funds & Smart Specialization

Liliana Pop

IP Management Expert, Coordinator EEN Partnership, Expert to Find Investments

Bogdan Cretu

Expert Financing Projects

Gabriela Blaj

Private Investments Expert

Diana Veltan

Green Private Investment Expert

Legal expertise

Legal support to all DIH4Society operations is coordinated by:

Radu Mititean

Legal Advisor

Territorial contacts

The distributed geographical presence in all 6 counties of the North-West region of Romania is ensured by the following contact points:

Constantin Badea

Bihor Network Expert

Grigore Vlad

Bistrita Nasaud Network Expert

Nicolae-Floretin Tus

Maramures Network Expert

Radu Big

Maramures Network Expert

Paul Morar

Salaj Network Expert

Daniela Culic

Satu Mare Network Expert

Financial expertise

Accounting and financial support is delivered by the following experts:

Dan Muresan

Financial Advisor

Gabriela Fizesan

Financial Expert

Adriana Mirela Pop

Financial Expert Chamber of Commerce Bistrita-Nasaud

Sanda Florina Tripa

Financial Expert University of Oradea