Projects to Third Parties

Here we have a selection of projects delivered by DIH4S to various beneficiaries. If you are interested in tackling similar projects please contact us for more details.

A particular characteristic of DIH4S is the one that, besides the core services of a digital innovation hub [e.g. provision of training for digital skills, assistance to test before invest in digitalization, assistance to find funds for digital innovations, facilitation of access to spoecialized infrastructure], it is organized to operate in the market as a solution provider for niche digital innovation projects. For this, you can see our value proposition. In order to deliver a smart specialized service for digitial innovations, DIH4S has a unique model, called “8-D Digitial Innovation Journey“.

Discover  – we explore the business system toghether with our customer to identify windows of opportunity for digital innovations

Define – we draw together with our customer the journey for digitalization (and digital transformation) and formulate jobs-to-be-done at high details

Develop – we develop the solution following a detailed methodology called CALDET, which is a hibrid of design thinking, agile SCRUM, lean innovation and competitive engineering, with strong coparticipation of our customer in this process

Delivery – we deliver the solution using a value engineering methodology, such that customer will understand the value-for-money of every piece of deliverable within the overall solution

Deploy – we deploy every piece of the solution by paying attention on how to integrate it in an organic way within the current processes

Disseminate – we educate users and train them properly (by fitting innovation into their culture) such as adoption to happen profoundly and in an accelerated way

Delegate – we assist our customer to reorganize roles and how to redefine its operations and records to optimally fit activitites at operational level to the adopted digital innovation

Disrupt – we assist our customer to rethink its business model to take competitive advantages from the adoption of the new digital innovation and to replace whatever is necessary to reduce waste

Design and Implementation of Digital Transformation Strategy for a County Council and Smart Territory Development

Extensive audit of the IT system. Digital strategy foundation. Project portfolio. Assistance to access public funds. Projects foundation. Economic analysis. Life-cycle assistance of strategy implementation. Assistance of departments for digital transformation. Support for digital project implementation. Support on adoption. Alignment to EU trends in digitalization. Conformity with critical issues such as cybersecurity, agility, GDPR, interoperability, etc.

Design and Development of the Smart City Strategy for a Municipality

Extensive audit on 11 verticals related to smart cities, proposal of flagship projects, enchanced investigations to see potential and opportunities, correlation with various standards on smart cities, consideration of integrated approaches, strategy foundation and implementation framework.

Design of a Smart City and Administration Digitalization Strategy for a Municipality

Cover all spectrum of smart city vectors. Extensive analysis of the current state. Strategy foundation. Project portfolio. Optimization for implementation. Economic and societal impact analysis. Financial calculation. Framework for institutional coordination for implementation. Flagship and critical projects design. Smart administration framework.

Audit of a Large Company on Digital Innovation Quotient

Perform comprehensive audit on digital innovation opportunities. Setting up the action plan. Detail audit on priority areas for digitalization. Feasibility study. Facilitation to solution providers.


Assistance, Design and Implementation of the Innovation Management System in Cloud for an SME from Industrial Production Sector

Identify possible cloud solutions. Selection of the proper variant. Configuration of the platform. Training to use the cloud platform. Assistance to design the management system in cloud. Assistance in adoption.

Training a Start-up in Advanced Programming of Industrial Robots

Facilitate access to training facility. Identify the proper trainers. Training provision on KUKA Robots for multi-tasking applications.

Conception, Design and Prototyping a Smart Equipment for an SME from the Pharmaceutical Sector

Finding experts for solution engineering. Conceptual design and optimization. Design and engineering. Prototype development. Testing and integration in the process. GMP foundation.


Internet of Things to Control and Operate a Large Green House

Finding solution partners. Design. Implementation in several green houses. IoT and cloud monitoring of parameters. Mobile control of regulators. Solution for IoT cybersecurity.

Robotization the Manufacturing Process of Metallic Components in an Industrial Production SME

Assist in solution design. Assist in accessing public funds. Assist in finding the proper solution providers and integrator. Audit of the robotized process. Certification of conformity release.

Design and Implementation of an IT Solution to Ensure Connectivity of MEF with ERP in a Wood Processing SME

Design the architecture. Proposal of various technologies. Facilitation to potential solution providers. Assistance to contract negotiation. Assistance to KPIs.

Assistance of a Start-Up to Access Public Funds for Designing and Producing Smart Robots

Assist in relation with financing bodies. Preparation of project. Facilitation of partner finding.

Training an SME to Design and Program Arc Welding Robotic Cells

Facilitate access to training facility and skilled trainers. Assist in setting-up the training curricula. Delivery of training. Assist in negotiating the training contract.

Assistance of an SME to Implement Collaborative Robots in Testing Small Electronic Boards for Smart Sensors

Facilitate contacts with various potential partners. Analysis of opportunity and alternatives. Design various concepts. Feasibility analysis. Assist in accessing funds.

Facilitation and Implementation of a Telemedicine Platform in a Hospital and Connectivity to Patients

Building up the partnership. Setting up the ecosystem. Training. Remote control center. Automatic alarming. Emergency interventions. Supervision. Tele-consultation. Wireless technologies. Smart bio-sensors. Geo-location. Implementation to nursing and retirement homes.

Support an SME to Monitor in Cloud its Manufacturing Equipment

Financial analysis. Identification of potential solution providers for cloud monitoring of production devices and equipments. Facilitate and assist communication with solution providers. Facilitate contract negotiation for solution implementation.

Tele-healthcare Platform

Today’s reality highlights the need and benefit of digitization in all areas, with a special focus on digitalization in the medical field, taking into account especially the perspective of the unexpected trials that humanity is facing on this plane now, and which can be reiterated both in the near and distant future.

In line with its vision and primary objectives, Cluj IT Cluster together with the County Emergency Clinical Hospital, for the first time for Cluj-Napoca, launched a pilot project, a medical tele-health system implemented in partnership with the Spectator Company in the Netherlands. This platform represents a multi-disciplinary and multi-protocol solution for a Remote Medical Control Center, combining in its structure automatic alerting functionality in situations that require emergency intervention, surveillance and management / coordination / monitoring of patients with video technologies, as well as information management based on the medical data stored in the database to which the platform is connected.

Mobile App for Tele-healthcare Assistance :: Activated in the Crisis of SARS CO 2 (COVID 19) BidiCOV20

In order to use the BidiCOV20 App extension during the pandemic, in order to access from the mobile phone the tele-health services supported by the Cluj County Emergency Hospital, the approximately 600 family doctors from the city of Cluj-Napoca and the surrounding localities are involved, two Nursing Houses, plus citizens of the city and from the surrounding localities interested in having access to the remote medical consulting service. The application BidiCOV20 App can be downloaded from, both on ANDROID and IOS.

Medical Data Analysis for Coronavirus

The Romanian medical system is going through a difficult period that we can only overcome through a collective effort. Altom and Alfasoftware, two member companies of Cluj IT , are joining the fight against the pandemic by offering support for The Research Center for Functional Genomics, Biomedicine and Translational Medicine, within the Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca, in developing a medical analysis report software for Coronavirus. We appreciate the prompt response of our colleagues and we thank our entire community for their involvement in overcoming the current crisis.

Online training platform for schools and universities: HyperEdu

In the context of the crisis generated by COVID 19, the HyperEdu platform for e_Learning and Online education has been implemented in various schools and universities. An example of the platform configured for being used by a group of professors in the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is here illustrated.

Concept Solution for IoT Remote Monitoring and Control of a Center for Integrated Management of Waste

Remote monitoring and control system using IoT technologies, CPS, and Data Analytics of a facility for management of urban waste is designed in this project. This is a flagship initiative that shows how digital innovations support the construction of smart and eco-sustainable communities.

Platform for participative budgeting and city “health” monitoring by citizens

DIH4S facilitated the introduction of this platform by a solution provider (member of DIH4S). Citizens have the opportunity to propose and vote projects that will be financed by the municiplaity. Also citizens can interact with municipality to report incidents in the city, as well as to vote around major investments and projects of the municipality. This shows how digital innovations can contribuite to the a more democratic local governance.