1. Design and Development of the Smart City Strategy for a Municipality

Period: 2021-2022

Service Type: Extensive audit on 11 verticals related to smart cities, the proposal of flagship projects, enhanced investigations to see potential and opportunities, correlation with various standards on smart cities, consideration of integrated approaches, strategy foundation, and implementation framework.

Client: Alba Iulia Municipality

Goal: Strategy design based on existing local needs, Increasing citizen-oriented approach, Increasing institutional efficiency, Digitalization of institutional processes

2. Platform for participative budgeting and city “health” monitoring by citizens

Period: 2020

Service Type: DIH4Society facilitated the introduction of this platform by a solution provider (from the). Citizens have the opportunity to propose and vote on projects that will be financed by the municipality. Also, citizens can interact with the municipality to report incidents in the city, as well as to vote on major investments and projects of the municipality. This shows how digital innovations can contribute to a more democratic local governance.

Client: Bistrița Municipality

Goal: Increasing democratic local governance, Increasing citizen-oriented approach, Increasing institutional efficiency

3. Concept Solution for IoT Remote Monitoring and Control of a Center for Integrated Management of Waste

Period: 2019-2020

Service Type: Remote monitoring and control system using IoT technologies, CPS, and Data Analytics of a facility for management of urban waste is designed in this project. This is a flagship initiative that shows how digital innovations support the construction of smart and eco-sustainable communities.

Client: Romuli village

Goal: Urban waste management, Operational Efficiency, adoption of eco-sustainable solutions

4. Design and Implementation of Digital Transformation Strategy for a County Council and Smart Territory Development

Period: 2018-2020

Service Type: Extensive audit of the IT system. Digital strategy foundation. Project portfolio. Assistance to access public funds. Projects foundation. Economic analysis. Life-cycle assistance of strategy implementation. The assistance of departments for digital transformation. Support for digital project implementation. Support on adoption. Alignment to EU trends in digitalization. 

Client: Cluj County Council

Goal: Digital transformation, Operational Efficiency. Conformity with critical issues such as cybersecurity, agility, GDPR, interoperability

5. Next Generation Brained City

The general objective of the project was to contribute to the innovative development of the Cluj-Napoca urban ecosystem through computerization.

In the project context 4 innovative IT products were developed up to the marketable stage, as well as 12 other IT components/products proposed for further development up to the stage of analysis and design. An important component of the project budget was dedicated to the organizational development of Cluj IT Cluster, as support for the strengthening of the IT sector, an industry with a substantial contribution to community development.

As the first smart city project implemented at national level, it was designed to generate a living area based on the innovative concept of ecologically urban and fully computerized urban community, established under the “networked ecological city” paradigm. Subsequent and deriving activities and involvement in the area of smart city strategic development include collaborations with local authorities from cities like Oradea, Alba-Iulia and Cluj-Napoca, as well as Cluj-Napoca County Council in the scope of informatization strategy development.5