Talks & Interviews 2021

The New Literacy :: Future of Work in the Age of Digitalization

March 24, 2021

Within the partnership between Cluj IT and Stirile Transilvaniei the talk in this chapter is about the future of wrok in the context of digitalization. Invited speakers are prof. Petru Curseu from “Babes Bolyiai” University, and Alexandru Tulai, from Cluj IT.

AI Standards, SMEs and DIHs’ Role

February 18, 2021

To accelerate the adoption of AI by SMEs, standards on this aspects are essential. Nevertheless, from standards to implementation in SMEs is a long way. Standards have to be “deployed” into applications norms and assistance for adoption is necessary, too. Here, DIHs can play a crucial role to cover this “death valley”.

Cybersecurity in SMEs

January 27, 2021

Cluj IT and Stirile Transilvaniei has established a partnership to launch a series of talks under the headline “The New Literacy”. In the magazine from January 27, experts from Cluj IT (DIH4S) ecosystem [companies, universities] where present to discuss about cybersecurity issues in the case of SMEs. This talk is in line with the GEIGER project (H2020), where Cluj IT is involved. It is focused with the development of a solution of cybersecurity that addresses micro-enterprises and small businesses. We congratulate our colleagues Ciprian Oprisa, Adrian Colesa, Veronica Mihaiu and Valentin Necoara on the great interventions within the talk show.