Training by Our Partners

Partnerships for Training

DIH4S encourages partnerships with other entities on training initiatives, and not only. We strongly believe that value-driven cooperation is much more competitive than competition, because it can deliver more sophisticated and higher quality solutions for end-beneficiaries, and in most of the cases it is, even more, of higher productivity and agility. Based on this policy, DIH4S is looking for partners that can bring both complementary training programs, as well as programs that are in the same areas as those delivered by DIH4S. This will offer to the end beneficiaries possibility to choose those proposals that best fit for their particular needs.

iED Academy also offers free online courses on the following topics:

1. Creating & Managing Co-working Spaces: an innovative training programme for the co-worker start-uppers! See here.

2. Introduction to Industry 4.0: presenting a training toolbox addressed to those witnessing the advent of Industry 4.0 first-hand. See here.

3. StartUp Academy: developing International Innovation Acceleration and Supporting Environment for potential young StartUppers. See here.

The Knowledge Hub on European Entrepreneurship

iED Academy is DIH4S’s partner in delivering a series of practical courses for organizations and people interested in accesing funds to support their digital innovations. In this line we encouarge you to visit the following links for more information about:

1. Finding your way into EU Funding & Horizon Europe: understand the mechanisms and learn how to participate in Horizon Europe the biggest Research and Innovation programme so far. See here.

2. Understanding and Meeting with the ERASMUS+ World: preparation of Proposals under KA2 for School Education. A comprehensive training on how to make your school go international through Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for School Education. Starting 01/04/2021. See here.

3. Designing and managing sustainable Business Innovation Parks and Accelerators for Innovative Businesses: details are provided by direct request addressed to DIH4Society [].