We believe in a future society that is capable to solve without compromises the major challenges that are facing humanity. In this effort, we believe that digital transformation will play a crucial role for over-passing these challenges, and will support the ethical actions of responsible communities and individuals in order to break out in a smart way the barriers that human society is facing today at cultural, ideological and political levels.

Therefore, DIH4S is an initiative that acts in an ethical and systematic way towards a smarter, safer and more sustainable society through the support of digital innovations.

Using a specialized methodology for value-driven collaborative work between consortia of expert companies and research structures from the DIH4S ecosystem, we will be able to provide customized services in the market that cover all needs of a digital transformation strategy for a beneficiary organization.

Based on this unique capability, DIH4S proactively acts in the market to disseminate its services, to educate the potential beneficiaries, to discover with beneficiaries their needs, to define with beneficiaries their problems and afterwards to develop and deliver cost-effective and high performance solutions for digital transformation.

In this framework, we look forward to the North-West region of Romania where all municipalities and county councils will adopt digitalization at a large extend for better serving citizens and economic sector, and where the majority of SMEs and large organizations from the industrial sector will base their decision making and production processes on the support of deep integrated digital systems.