1. Future of Work :: Urban Innovation Action

Period: 2018 – 2022

Project dedicated to exploring future employment and new job opportunities in a context of developing automation and digitalization processes.

Cluj Future of Work is implemented in co-management by the Cluj-Napoca Municipality and the Cultural Center of Cluj, in a consortium with eight other organizations: the Association for Inter-community development Cluj Metropolitan Area, the Cluster for Creative Industries, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster, Cluj IT Cluster, Transilvania IT Cluster, Transylvanian International Film Festival, University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca and ZAIN Transylvanian Creativity Festival.

2. Competactiv + :: “Future Skills – Future Challenges”. Project run in partnership by “Asociatia Patronilor si Meseriasilor Cluj”, “Cluj IT” and “Scoala Informala de IT”

Period: 2020-2021

Over the next decade, millions of workers around the world will change professional categories and, as a result of the process, skill requirements within the labour market will quickly change.

For the next two decades specialists are indicating a shift in the traditional workplace where focus for the worker will be transferred toward higher autonomy, less routine, more communication technology, fewer physical tasks as well as more social and intellectual tasks.

Due to changes generated by the digitization and transformation processes, both in the IT industry and industries with potential for economic growth, the professional development of employees active in these sectors will require adjustments and support for acquiring new skills demanded by a rapidly changing market. Companies will also go through transformation processes and will be obligated to adjust their day to day activity based on the same conditions.

In this existing context, Future Skills brings to the table a series of benefits and support actions meant to facilitate a smooth transition through the obstacles ahead. Our approach is a skill-centric model in which both employee and the company can access know-how, expertise and support for a tailored life-long learning program and workplace learning program.

The scheduled activities and events are dedicated for representatives and/or employees in operational positions within SMEs operating in the North West region of Romania (Bihor, Bistrita-Nasaud, Cluj, Maramures, Satu Mare and Salaj counties) in one of the following fields of activity: creative industries and information technology and communications, food and beverage processing, health and pharmaceuticals, energy and environmental management, biotechnologies, textiles and leather, wood and furniture, construction, automotive industry and components.

3. Online Training Platform for Schools and Universities: HYPEREDU

Period: 2020

Service Type: In the context of the crisis generated by COVID 19, the HyperEdu platform for e_Learning and Online education has been implemented in various schools and universities. 

Client: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Goal: Skill development

4. Training a Start-up in Advanced Programming of Industrial Robots

Period: 2019

Service Type: Facilitate access to the training facility. Identify the proper trainers. Training provision on KUKA Robots for multi-tasking applications.


Goal: Skill development

5. Training an SME to Design and Program Arc Welding Robotic Cells

Period: 2018

Service Type: Facilitate access to the training facility and skilled trainers. Assistance for setting up the training curricula. Delivery of training. Assist in negotiating the training contract.

Client: PSC Automatizari

Goal: Skill development