Alba Iulia Smart City Launch

During the first days of April, Cluj IT has finalized and delivered the Alba Iulia Smart City Strategy which we set out to develop along with the community of the Alba Iulia Municipality.

The strategy is designed to harness the entire potential and energy of the city, accumulated throughout a truly pioneering effort sustained over the past few years.

Alba Iulia’s efforts stand as a model example of the meaning of the evolution of human communities’ ecosystems of the 21st century towards higher levels of development, resilience and sustainability.

The Smart City Strategy of the Municipality of Alba Iulia was developed in the context of a European project, in close collaboration with the municipality’s representatives. It’s approach is a broad one, developed on 11 sectoral strategies corresponding to the 11 pillars of local community development. The key concepts connecting the 11 sub-strategies are integration and interoperability, built on the most advanced standards if the field of smart, sustainable and resilient cities.

The teams involved in the development of this strategy are part of Cluj IT’s wide ecosystem of experts coming from Cluj IT Cluster members, IT companies and prestigious Universities. Through our citizen-oriented approach, these experts were in continuous interaction with local actors, representatives of the local community, and citizens of Alba Iulia, in order to identify and address existing needs.

Alba Iulia Smart City Strategy was successfully launched during a dedicated event on April 11th in Alba Iulia, representing the projection of a broad future development, aimed at positioning Alba Iulia at the top of the Smart Cities at the national and European levels.

Our community was represented during the event by members of the implementing team Stelian BRAD, Project Coordinator & Cluj IT President, and Prof. Paulina Mitrea, Coordinator of Cluj IT’s Brained City Working Group.

We look forward to the next phase in Alba Iulia’s journey, directed towards implementing the smart city strategy.

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